TECHNOKOMPOSIT (rinforzi strutturali in fibra di carbonio)

Technological products for structural reinforcement and seismic adjustment

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TECHNOKOMPOSIT is the acronym to define the field of action of SEICO COMPOSITI SRL, a company with extensive experience in the field of specialised construction, which proposes, designs and provides, in close collaboration with AZICHEM, systems specially designed to perform structural and other reinforcements of buildings, subject to serious degradation, also due to earthquakes, through the use of the technology of composite systems (reinforced fibre - FRCM) based on carbon fibres, basalt, glass and aramid.

Certification obtained and Standards

Marcatura CE

ISO 9001

Decreto CSLP 220 del 09/07/2015


SEICO COMPOSITI currently represents the missing link between specialised construction, composed of materials with the best quality, characteristics and formulations, and the composite systems consisting of polymer resins or mortars and carbon fibre, glass, aramid, basalt woven in ribbons, mesh or through pultruded elements (leaves, profiles, rods). With highly trained technicians SEICO COMPOSITI offers a complete service that ranges from technical advice to structural design, from production to sale of the various components, from technical assistance at the building site to complete laying of reinforcements, allowing for meeting every need through a widespread network of agents spread over the whole national territory.

Special care is taken in the analysis of a single case study, in the context of increasing the performance and the useful life of existing buildings, be they recent or historical, by the minimally invasive reinforcement design which allows the improvement of the structural behaviour in terms of strength and ductility.

Use fields

The interventions that have seen the contribution of the products and the technologies SEICO COMPOSITI, constitute a very abundant list in continuous evolution, from both the private and public sectors, with particularly prestigious and significant interventions next to more usual and mundane works, all informed with the most rigorous attention with regards to the technical aspects and the economic implications, in the context of the greatest ease of application, which constitutes the essential defining element of quality that is currently achievable on site.

As regards its own activities, as well as the close cooperation with AZICHEM, SEICO COMPOSITI Srl also collaborates with important companies which manufacture special materials, which operate on the entire European territory, constantly engaged in research and development of innovative products and cutting edge application technologies, certified in accordance with international standards on the quality of the product manufactured and the corporate production system. Please contact SEICO COMPOSITI for a quote or for any questions on the issues outlined above; they will reply promptly and in a highly professional manner ( )

Application methods

- Apply by hand

- Brick trowel

- Finishing trowel

Tool cleaning

- Solvent

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Metal surfaces

- Bricks

- Tuff

- Mixed walls (bricks and stones)

- Brickworks

- Stone walls


Products on display

  • Floortech Prerit
  • Syntech Poliurea
  • Sanawarme