Epoxy adhesive for structural construction joints, brushable

Code: SYN.0196

Components: 2

Appearance: Liquid

Medium-viscosity epoxy adhesive for structural construction joints (new conglomerates on existing manufactures); and a two-component compound that, after thorough mixing, must be spread with a brush or a roller on existing concrete, a few minutes prior to the installation of new concrete ("fresh on fresh" ).

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General characteristics


Shelf-life: 12 months


Temperature of use: +8 / +35 °C




Mixing ratio: 100:67 _


Pot-life: 80-105 min


Density: 1.05 (±0.05) kg/dm³


Use wearing protective gloves


Flammable material

Technical specifications


16000 ±3200 mPa

Complete hardening

7 day

Hard to touch

4-6 h

Dry residue

68 %

Available colours

- Transparent

Packaging and dimensions

- Can 5 kg [A]

- Can 1.5 kg [B]

- Can 10 kg [A]

- Can 3 kg [B]

- Kit: 1 Can 5 kg [A] + 1 Can 1.5 kg [B]

- Kit: 1 Can 10 kg [A] + 1 Can 3 kg [B]


Apply from 0.30 to 0.70 kg of SYNTECH RGS per square metre of surface to be treated.

Use fields

Construction joints between new and existing concrete, flooring and structures. Sealing and filling of cracks in the concrete (of a magnitude greater than 1 mm).

Preparation of supports

The application surfaces should be suitably prepared and adequately resistant: free from dust, grease, fouling, crumbling and non-adhering parts, free of detected surface humidity, for floorings, moreover, it may be advisable to carry out preliminary shot peening or milling of adhesive surfaces.

Use method

Add component B to component A taking care to remove all the material from the packaging, mix thoroughly with a mixer at a low number of revolutions, until a perfectly homogeneous mixture is obtained; add the required load amount (component C) continue to mix until a homogeneous lump-free mixture is obtained. Apply by brush or roller on the surfaces prepared.

Spread, or "cast" on site, the subsequent conglomerate, in the range of application defined by the conditions of adherence of SYNTECH RGS (before it hardens).

Application methods

- Brush

- Paint roller

- Scrubbing brush

Tool cleaning

- Thinner for resins

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Fiber-cement

- Tiles

- Floor screed

- Asphalt

- Rock walls

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Do not apply in the presence of stagnant water at the surface; do not make the new cast if the product lacks the necessary "stickiness".

If, after its application, SYNTECH RGS should unfortunately harden before having placed the new conglomerate, it is recommended that you do not proceed, since the separation between the two bodies would be very likely! In these cases, it is recommended to apply a new layer of SYNTECH RGS, above the already hardened one, and proceed normally (as described above).


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