Coloured hardener and sealant for concrete surfaces

Code: CSX.0257

Components: 1

Appearance: Liquid

QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR is extraordinary lithium technology designed to provide industrial level performance and an aesthetically pleasant finish to indoor and outdoor surfaces in concrete. This penetrating, long-lasting coloured sealant hardens and protects against dust and stains, providing a satin or polished finish.

Certification obtained and Standards

Floor - Prodotti per pavimenti e massetti in calcestruzzo

General characteristics



Available colours

- Green

- Black

- Yellow

- Light blu

- Blue

- Ruby red

- Orange


QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR is a non-acid system with a water base to apply to concrete surfaces. It creates a solid finish, which is hard wearing and with a natural appearance.

Main benefits for a surface treated with QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR:
- Long lasting
- Stain-proof
- Hardening and thickening
- Water based product
- Easy to clean
- Resistant to UV rays

Use fields

Hardening, sealing, consolidating, dust-proof and coloured treatment of industrial floors and screeds in concrete, both old and new.

Preparation of supports

The application surfaces should be clean, free of containment, inconsistent and incoherent parts, dust, etc., conveniently saturated with water to reach the "saturated to dry surface" condition.

Use method

Application of QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR can only be carried out on floors in perfectly matured concrete (28 days of seasoning).
Apply QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR using a brush, a cloth or a micro-fibre cloth that is clean and soft. Continue to obtain the desired colour and appearance. Based on the porosity of the surface and the intensity of the colour desired, you may need to apply multiple layers. Wait for the first layer to dry before applying another.
IMPORTANT: before proceeding, leave the surface to dry.
- Leave the QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR to dry for 2 hours.
- When the surface is dry, clean it with a white or red pad, based on the concrete, to eliminate residue
- Before passing to the next phase, eliminate the dust

For flooring:
Apply 2 layers of QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR and leave to dry for at least 24 hours, then proceed to polishing. Polish using diamond disks in resin with a grain of 3,000 at the maximum speed (at least 1,000 rotations/min)

Application methods

- Brush

- Scrubbing brush

Tool cleaning

- Water

Permitted supports

- Concrete

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Before applying colouring, QL NANO LITHIUM COLOR must be mixed and mechanical shaken before use.

To obtain optimum performance, up to 14 days may be necessary, based on the temperature and the humidity.
Prevent pools of water gathering on the surface and eliminate any puddles. Immediately remove any traces of liquid and/or water. You are actively advised not to clean or wash the surfaces for a period of 7 days, to avoid the risk of bleaching or discolouration. Once dry, the floor will be ready for pedestrian passage. Washing generally requires from 1-2 hours. Moderate pedestrian passage is permitted after no less than 30-60 minutes, vehicle traffic after at least 2 hours. §|
This product is only intended for professional use and must be applied by an authorised person or an authorised technical support worker. The client is responsible for correct application of the product. Visits on site carried out by Azichem srl staff have the sole purpose of providing technical consultancy and not supervision of the operations or to check the quality on site.