Selected and thickened silica fume

Code: ADX.0079

Components: 1

Appearance: Powder

Selected silica fume for the production of high density and high performance conglomerates (waterproofness, chemical stability, mechanical strength etc.), for packaging sulphate-resistant, anti-leaching mortars, plasters, grouts and concretes.

Certification obtained and Standards

Silica fumes for concrete

EN 13263-1:2005 + A1:2009

Silica fumes for concrete

Floor - Prodotti per pavimenti e massetti in calcestruzzo

General characteristics


Highlighted product




Consumption (% by weight of binder): 7-12 %


Shelf-life: 12 months



Technical specifications

Thinness (Blaine)

20 m²/g

Available colours

- Black


MICROSIL 90 consists of high purity (greater than 90%) silica fumes , selected, processed and bagged. Silica fume, the only component of MICROSIL 90, is created spontaneously during the production of silicon steel (special and limited production). For all intents and purposes, therefore, silica fume is nothing more than particles of SiO₂ released during machining processes of silicon metal and iron-silicon alloys, in the form of very fine powder with vitreous structure (amorphous silica at 90-95%).

These micro-granules, purified and selected, have a variable size between 0.01 and 1 μm, therefore much finer than cement granules, and are characterised by very high pozzolanic reactivity. Silica fume has been used now for over than 40 years all over the world for the fundamental improvement of rheological and performance characteristics of concretes, mortars and special plasters where they are introduced.

Use fields

Production of sulphate-resistant, sulphate-resistant, anti-leaching mortars, plasters, grouts and concretes , high performance in terms of watertightness, mechanical resistance, chemical resistance etc., in the realisation of civil engineering and hydraulic structures and works in marine, mountain, urban atmospheres etc.

Use method

MICROSIL 90 must be poured into a concrete mixer subsequently to other solid components of the mixture: cement and aggregates. After mixing for about 30 - 45" add the mixing water, where possible with the addition of FLUID S, continue to mix until a strictly homogeneous mixture is obtained. Prepare test mixtures in order to determine the most suitable mix.

Application methods

- To be added to other components

Permitted supports

- Plasters

- Concrete

- Cement-based or lime-based mortars

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Protect and damp harden the mixtures obtained.