Hardening cement dusting, high-performance, with basaltic aggregates

Code: FLR.0055

Components: 1

Appearance: Powder

Mineral, premixed, hardening mixture based on basalt, corundum, quartz, high purity superpozzolanic reagents (thickened silica fume) and hydraulic binders for the armoured surface, by dusting or paste, of concrete industrial floorings.

General characteristics






Max. recommended thickness: 30 mm




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Temperature of use: +5 / +30 °C


Density: 2000 kg/m³


Shelf-life: 12 months


Maximum diameter of aggregate: 2 mm


Min. recommended thickness: 1 mm

Available colours

- Gray


In floors made of concrete, even if coated with pounces hardeners of traditional type, the "dust" is the result of abrasion and the consequent deterioration of the components of the friable cement paste cured: especially the calcium hydroxide, also called free lime Ca(OH) ₂, notoriously unstable chemical profile, relatively soluble and inherently "brittle". FLOOR VULKAN is composed of "hard" mineral aggregates (basalts, quartz and corundum) bonded by cement suitably modified with silica fume (MICROSIL 90), which through superpozzolanic reaction (transformation of lime freed by hydrolysis during hydration, into new stable hydrous calcium silicate insoluble and resistant compounds), confer to the surface of the floor armoured with FLOOR VULKAN extremely high mechanical performance and overall durability.

FLOOR VULKAN uses the mineralogical properties of harder materials present in the Mosh scale. It is composed of selected pure quartz (the hardest of the quartzes normally used in the construction industry, Mosh scale = 7), Corundum (Mosh hardness = 9) and high hardness basalts (very hard effusive rock, tenacious and very wear resistant, Mosh scale = 7-8), which constitute the majority of the aggregates contained in the mixture.

FLOOR VULKAN is a product formulated in accordance with ACI 201 - 2R 77 - Guide to Durable Concrete: Section 3,4,6 "Recommendations for obtaining abrasion resistant surface".

Use fields

Wear-resistant coatings and anti-dust concrete surfaces subjected to high abrasion stress: industrial flooring, pipes, spillways, road circuits and airport runways etc.

Use method

FLOOR VULKAN is a premixed product in 25 kg bags, ready-to-use, for application according to traditional methods (dusting or "paste").

Typical consumption:
- dusting the anhydrous mix on fresh concrete surfaces. 1-5 Kg/m²
- thick application as mortar on concrete surfaces (fresh-on-fresh): 15-20 kg/m²
- application, after laying an adhesive bridge (SYNTECH RGS or SYNTECH PAVISHEER), on the hardened concrete surfaces (for example ramps in a herringbone pattern): 20-30 kg/m²

Application methods

- Apply by hand

- Finishing trowel

- Power trowel

Permitted supports

- Concrete

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Cure the moist hardening and the protection of exposed surfaces.


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