Waterproofing band in Hypalon, 25 cm, for expansion joints

Code: PRS.0037

Components: 1

Appearance: Tape

Strap with high resilience and resistance, with an overall width of 25 cm, consisting of a special elastomeric layer in Hypalon, resistant to raging and wear and tear, for use in combination with the epoxy resin paste SYNTECH AS 31, for waterproofing watertight expansion joints in buildings, works and structures below the aquifer level or to ensure the water sealing of structural connections even off the ground. Specific applications for industrial or infrastructural use.

General characteristics


Shelf-life: 12 months


Temperature of use: -30 / +90 °C


Width: 250 mm

Technical specifications

UV resistance

6500 h

Extension break lateral

900 %

Breaking load longitudinal

241.4 N / 15 mm _

Resistance to water pressure

>4.0 bar

Power absorption at 25% elasticity lateral

42.7 N/mm


1.0 mm

Power absorption at 50% elasticity lateral

49.2 N/mm

Breaking load lateral

221.8 N / 15 mm _

Longitudinal elongation at break

900 %

Available colours

- Gray

Packaging and dimensions

- Roll 30 m


1.1 m/m: 1 metre of ELASTOTEX 250 COMBI for each linear metre, being careful to overlap the rolls of approximately 5-10 cm in correspondence with the edges of the band to guarantee the permanent water tightness of the system.

Use fields

Waterproofing expansion joints, including large ones, subject to considerable work movements, and of natural joints and fissures, also in conditions of hydraulic counter-thrust, in tunnels, silos, tanks, pools, basements, roofing, prefabricated coverings, road joints and hydraulic works in general.

Preparation of supports

The surfaces to be treated must be certainly free of loose parts, traces of grease, release agent, paints and thoroughly dedusted. any trace of rust must be also removed from metal surfaces, while polymeric surfaces should be roughened by sanding. The workspaces, the corners, etc., must be delimited with adhesive tape.

Use method

Mix the epoxy resin SYNTECH AS 31 thoroughly in the pre-determined amount as required (on average roughly 1 kg per meter). Spread the epoxy adhesive prepared as described above, on the sides of the joint to be waterproofed by toothed adhesive spreader, kept constantly clean, taking care to obtain uniformity of the thickness applied that must not be less than 2 mm. Unroll and apply the ELASTOTEX 250 COMBI strap, on the fresh adhesive spread, pressing it against the resin, stretching the ends by hand, taking care to avoid wrinkling and air bubbles, until the underlying resin leaks out from the holes on the strap. Apply with a metal filling knife a second layer (at least 2 mm) of SYNTECH AS 31 adhesive at the edges of the strap, already impregnated, in order to protect it permanently from accidental damage and to obtain certain monolithicity of the end to the support.

For the joint between two adjacent straps, weld the end flaps for overlap and solder them using a special hot air welding machine. For additional security of the seal, a small layer of SYNTECH AS 31 should be applied on the heated flaps.

The final system resistances will be reached after about 7 days after laying, but already after 24 hours at 20°C, values equal to 60-70% of the final performances can be obtained. In any case the performance after 24 hours will be much greater than those of a high quality concrete.

Application methods

- Apply by hand

- Spatula

- Notched finishing trowel

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Prefabricated concrete

- Metal surfaces


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