EG 91

Epoxy-polyurethane two-component, thixotropic, elastomeric sealant

Code: PRS.0034

Components: 2

Appearance: Liquid

Two-component, thixotropic elastoplastic sealant, for joints subject to traffic: shore hardness >90; elastic deformation >70 %; to be levelled out or extruded in the suitably taped joint sections (to protect the adjacent surfaces). Resistant to contact with hydrocarbons (gasoline and diesel fuel).

Certification obtained and Standards

Floor - Prodotti per pavimenti e massetti in calcestruzzo

General characteristics


Pot-life: 20 min


Flammable material


Adhesion to the substrate: 2.5 N/mm²


Solvent-based product


Shelf-life: 12 months


Temperature of use: +5 / +35 °C


Density: 1.25 kg/dm³


Mixing ratio: 4:1 _

Technical specifications

Hard to touch

8 h

Resistance to abrasion

120 mg

Gel time

30 ±3.5% min

Dry residue

98 ±1 %


14 _

Longitudinal elongation at break

300 %


1750000 ±5% mPas

Complete hardening

7 day

Breaking load longitudinal

2.6 N/mm²

Ratio of catalysis

4:1 _

Available colours

- Gray

Use fields

Horizontal sealing of joints in industrial flooring, even in the presence of chemical attacks and stresses from average-heavy traffic. Vertical sealing of joints in concrete works and products.

Preparation of supports

The application and containment surfaces (joint walls) should be clean, dry, conveniently prepared and adequately resistant: free from dust, grease, soiling, crumbling and/or non-adhering parts and dry. The application surfaces must also be preliminarily treated with PROTECH FLEX PRIMER.

Use method

Add component B to component A taking care to pick up all the material contained in the packs, mix thoroughly with a mixer at a low number of revolutions, until a perfectly homogeneous mix is obtained; add the required load amount (component C) continue to mix until a perfectly homogeneous mixture is obtained, indicated by the uniform colour of the mixture. Apply the product mixed by trowelling or with extrusion guns.

Application methods

- Spatula

- Dispensing gun

Tool cleaning

- UNI solvent

Permitted supports

- Concrete

- Prefabricated concrete

- Metal surfaces

Warnings, precautions and Ecology

Do not apply with temperatures below + 5°C or higher than + 35°C and in the presence of surface stagnant water.